Agus Nur Amal PMTOH

D15 Agus Nur Amal PMTOH Prehistoric Making in Progress courtesy the artist WEB 2048x1500

Agus Nur Amal PMTOH uses household objects for storytelling performances and creates art objects to share ideas, knowledge, conflict resolutions and trauma healing. Collaborating with artists, photographers, videographers, and educators, he aims to entertain and educate through various methods.

After he graduated from theater faculty at the Jakarta Institute of Arts, Agus returned to his hometown Weh Island (Aceh, Sumatra) to research and study the art of Acehnese storytelling known as PMTOH. In 1992 he began to perform his theatrical style monologue which he also calls PMTOH, and staged the plays Anak Emak Searching for Eggs, Tale of General Puyer Bintang Tujoeh, Police and Bandits, Tale of the Faithful Ring, Ma Liang the magic brush, and The Story of Panca Tantra. He performed at different places in Indonesia on various issues like politics, disaster, and rural public health.

Agus is also involved in community empowerment activities, having joined the Anti-Violence Community in handling student brawls in 1999-2002 in Jakarta. From 2003 until now, he works with Komunitas Tikar Pandan community for trauma healing and peace building projects in Banda Aceh. Since 2005, he has used his self-created TV Eng Ong as a small stage and was also screened in the National TV.