D15 MADEYOULOOK Ejaradini installation view Johannesburg Art Gallery 2018 photo Ricardo Markus K courtesy MADEYOULOOK WEB

MADEYOULOOK is a Johannesburg-based interdisciplinary artist collaboration between Molemo Moiloa and Nare Mokgotho. The works of MADEYOULOOK take as their point of departure everyday Black practices that have either been historically overlooked or deemed inconsequential.

These works encourage a re-observation of, and de-familiarization with, the everyday of urban South African life. In reworking and interrupting how we view ordinary Black lived experiences and the everyday, we are “made to re-look” and question societal relations. Since 2009, the works of MADEYOULOOK have considered subjects such as models of memorialization of histories and oral traditions, Black love and urban public space, forms and hierarchies of knowledge creation and dissemination, and the socialities of land and relationships with plant life.

MADEYOULOOK engages different approaches focused primarily on intertextual installations, gatherings, discursive programs, research, and publishing. Although MADEYOULOOK’s practice is significantly directed towards a practice of socialities and relationalities outside of the gallery space, these projects occasionally culminate in exhibitions. MADEYOULOOK has exhibited, published, and hosted programs in various forms, including with Njelele Art Station, Harare; Frac des Pays de la Loire, Carquefou; Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort; Primary, Nottingham; and various initiatives in South Africa. They were nominated for the Vera List Center Prize for Art and Politics at the New School, New York, in 2017, and the MTN New Contemporaries Award in 2012.