• Jaf perhutana brick certificate 2022 photo courtesy of the artist
    Jaf perhutana brick certificate 2022 photo courtesy of the artist
  • Jaf perhutana birdhouse 2022 d15 photo courtesy of the artist
    Jaf perhutana birdhouse 2022 d15 photo courtesy of the artist

Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF)

Perhutana Family Forest Terracotta, 2022


10 x 195 x 5 cm / 3.9 x 76.8 x 2.0 in




Additional information

PERHUTANA (Perusahaan Hutan Tanaraya) is a part of the Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF)'s New Rural Agenda movement.

Its purpose is to reclaim 8 hectares of land and make it a sacred conservatory forest.
The area located in northern Majalengka, West Java, Indonesia is currently projected to become an industrial space with hundreds of factories creating 13 new industrial sectors. This development plan will cause substantial social, cultural and environmental damage.

PERHUTANA on the other hand is imagining the land as a new commoning process to embrace a social and cultural approach to development and raise awareness for mother nature. This sacred forest is an investment for all inhabitants of planet earth.
Every PERHUTANA stakeholder will get three things in return for their investment.

  1. An exclusively designed certificate made of oil brick.
  2. A symbolised ownership of a land lot, sized 4x4 m, which will be donated to the sacred conservatory forest eventually. On the land, a personalised birdhouse will be planted as a symbol of your ownership.
  3. A digital certificate.

Once all of the land lots are assigned to an owner and the trees are planted, PERHUTANA will officially be registered at the Ministry of Forest as a customary forest.


  1. You can write a simple e-mail to lumbung@theartists.net containing the word PERHUTANA.
  2. You will receive the registration form and the land rights agreement, stating that you will donate your land to the sacred PERHUTANA forest (already attached in this E-Mail). Please return the completed documents and make the payment.
    On the form, find a blank space, where you can write exactly what you would like to have written on your birdhouse. Please be reminded that there is only a limited space for it and keep it short (around 12 characters). See an example of the birdhouse with 16 characters in the image.
  3. The price of the brick is € 336,13 excl. VAT / € 399,99 incl. VAT. Once the payment has come in, you will be assigned a serial number and thereby a specific land lot.
  4. You can pick up your terracotta certificate (wrapped in traditionally printed fabric) in Kassel or have it shipped to you, according to the option you chose on your registration form. Right now, a date of pickup will need to be arranged with the registrars of documenta fifteen. We will assist you with this.
  5. Your land will be planted according to the planting scheme and a labeled terracotta birdhouse produced by JaF will be placed on it. You will receive an update and your digital certificate once we have planted your land.

Watch our video on Youtube:

We are very grateful for your participation and willingness to be a part of the big PERHUTANA family. Thank you very much!