How it works

TheArtists invites everyone to discover contemporary artists and their works and to explore a wide range of artistic practices.

Please read our Mission Statement for detailed information about what we do and what's important to us. The following information is aimed at everyone interested in buying an artwork on as well as the selling artist.

One of the best and most efficient ways to support an artist is simply to purchase a work of art. Or more than one. And encourage others to do the same. By sharing your life with your chosen artwork – for good or for a specific time – a very special dialogue, personal and not comparable, will begin.

Once the payment is done, each buyer will receive an invoice and we will inform the artist about the purchase, as well as who the new owner of the artwork is.

In close coordination with us, each artist will then carefully pack the work and send it to the designated address of the buyer. The artist will receive material for packing from us, but is also free to choose suitable packing material. If a work needs to be framed we will have it framed in close coordination with each artist. We will assist the buyer and each artist in all relevant matters. Please find all necessary information here: Purchase, Shipping & Delivery.

Once the work arrives at the buyer's designated address we recommend to unpack the artwork as soon as possible. This not only for the obvious reason of enjoyment, but also to inform us about any faults or damages. The work is fully insured through from the moment of hand-over to the transport company until the hand-over to the buyer as well as for the following four weeks.

The purchase is completed 7 days after the buyer received the work and if there is no intention to return within this period. Each purchase is also an important and crucial support of artists and their practises, so returns should be considered well.

After deducting the agreed flat fee for framing (if applicable), handling, shipping and insurance, each artist will receive 60% of the remains from the purchase price. We will assist each artist with the invoicing.

An additional 5% of the net sales amount is paid into a community fund. At the end of the 1 year consignment period (the time period during which we are allowed to sell the artist's work), the total amount in the fund will be divided and paid out equally to each participating artist of one selection.

In order to provide a transparent base for our collaboration with artists, we have a Consignment Agreement with each artist.

Our assistance for artists and buyers is not limited to the purchase. We assist buyers and artists with their special requests for support. Artists will receive initial coaching in matters of how to organize their practice and how to establish a much-as-possible independence. Furthermore we are able to offer additional mentorship to each artist even beyond the period of our collaboration, based on our wide range of experience and qualification.

We are open and flexible to adjust our procedures but we will always stick to our mission and will try to improve. In case of further inquiries and questions please contact us: